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Should I Make A Podiatry Clinic Appointment?


Oct 26, 2022
make an appointment at a podiatrist clinic


Podiatrists (also known as chiropodists) are foot specialists who can treat various foot disorders. Still, you may not realise that they may assist with other health conditions, such as back discomfort and knee injuries. Therefore, it is a good idea to make an appointment at a podiatrist clinic, regardless of whether or not you have foot problems.

What does a podiatrist do?

Podiatrists help to keep people mobile. Your feet are a vital component of your body, bearing your weight throughout the day and carrying you through work, daily activities, and exercise. Therefore, maintaining their health is key to being active for as long as possible. In addition to treating basic foot concerns such as nail infections, corns and calluses, and verrucas, podiatrists can also assist with sports injuries and gait disorders, which, if left untreated, can cause pain in other areas of the body. Your foot health is too vital for you to avoid seeing a podiatrist for any ailment.

What other services may a podiatrist provide?

As you would with an optometrist or a dentist, it is worthwhile to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist for a general checkup. Even if your feet are in good health, a podiatrist can examine your blood circulation, observe your gait, and identify any minor (or big) issues. In addition, your podiatrist will be able to examine your footwear and ensure that you appropriately care for your feet.

This preventative maintenance benefits your health, especially if you run or walk frequently. In addition, your feet have 26 bones and over 100 muscles, so by visiting a podiatrist, you can guarantee that your feet are in tip-top shape, which may help you avoid damage. Good news!

Your podiatrist will be able to assist and advise you regardless of whether you are having pain when walking, have smelly feet, or have no apparent foot problems.

What will occur during your appointment at the podiatry clinic?

Your podiatrist will begin by reviewing your medical history and doing a few simple tests. You will be able to discuss any concerns you have, and if they are small (such as hard skin, corns, or calluses), they may be treated on your first appointment. Next, your podiatrist may provide orthotics – custom-made insoles designed to support and correct your foot – or develop a treatment plan. You will leave feeling confident that your feet are receiving the greatest treatment available.

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