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How to overcome stress and fear?


Aug 5, 2020
overcome stress and fear


Fear and stress are feelings that create a lot of problems for some people today. This is often manifested by a lump in the stomach or throat, tension in the back or in the trapezius, migraine, nausea. They can also cause eating and sleep disorders. This is why it is important to overcome this evil even before it becomes a panic attack or even a phobia. Follow our tips for overcoming stress and fear to live a better life.

Tip 1: preserve your vitality

All alternative medicine (Asian or Western) prioritizes vitality . Because vitality is the shield that preserves our health and allows it to heal, defend and repair itself. Today, in our daily lives, we absorb a lot of energy both physically, psychologically, and emotionally. And it is this too much energy that creates a feeling of stress, anxiety, anguish and sometimes even plunges us into an unparalleled depression. It is therefore important to ensure the preservation of its vitality .

Tip 2: control stress and anxiety attacks

Anxiety attacks are triggered by catalyzing events, or sometimes for no apparent reason. There are times when you can feel it coming on, but in other cases it comes suddenly. Your breathing changes, you catch a cold, then hot. Your heart starts to beat abnormally, you are afraid.

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For this, you can learn breathing exercises to calm down and prevent the triggering process. However, you can use projection, positive visualization to boost your ability to manage your stress. This is when you will feel better about yourself with the ability to take control of your seizure.

Tip 3: learn to relieve stress

It is important to know that hypnosis and Sophrology are quite effective techniques, because they will mobilize the body, the mind and the breathing. For example, sophrology makes it possible to re-read the situation which generates the stress, it also allows you to relax and allows you to take a step back in order to better evacuate your stress. Thanks to targeted psycho-corporal work, it is possible to take certain decisions with confidence, or to distance yourself from the disorder in order to better control it. It is even possible to use this stress as a recharge for future actions (it is also called productive stress.).

It should be remembered that these therapies come as a reinforcement to accompany traditional medicine. It is therefore sometimes necessary to resort to anxiolytics and antidepressants if you notice that the symptoms persist or worsen.

Tip 4: change your lifestyle

Beyond these small, brief therapies that will allow you to conquer your stress, it is important to revise your lifestyle. You must change certain eating habits and no longer consume too much sugar and fat. At the same time, stop snacking. You need to control your breathing, do gentle physical activities , rest, and most importantly, learn to discipline yourself.

Tip 5: ward off depression

You must do everything you can to keep depression away. The symptoms of this are multiple: deep sadness, tiredness, disinterest in everything, zero desire, withdrawal, weariness, etc. It becomes more complicated when it is accompanied by stress, fear, anxiety attacks. In these cases the brief therapies that we offer you could have limits. It will therefore be necessary to go through conventional medicine and if possible be accompanied by therapists using hypnosis or sophrology techniques. You will feel better and better each time.

Tip 6: learn to manage emotions

The body receives a lot of emotions and we have become accustomed to somatizing them. This is why you need to have good management of your emotions and thoughts if you want to overcome stress and fear. Because by storing all these emotions you expose yourself more easily to stress and the system can no longer manage. This is why you must learn to stay away from anything that could put you in a bad emotional state. It’s very difficult, but it is possible to minimize the damage if you know how to do it.

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