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Discover why Seer Medical is Australia’s leading provider


Aug 5, 2022
Seer Medical


Doing business is a comprehensive and complicated process that claims the highest possible implication for businessmen in various aspects. Modern industrialists are searching for feasible ways to avoid wasting time entrusting a piece of responsibility to specialists and gain ready-made decisions. Seer Medical is one of the organizations that aid to help you by taking over the hunt for major issues and resolutions.

With Seer Medical you will be working with experienced and qualified people, and you may strengthen significantly your authority. It grows the efficacy of all the business processes. Seer helped to transform hospital-based testing into a patient-centered, secured, and comfortable experience at home.

All about Seer Medical

Seer Medical is creating technology that transforms the management and diagnosis of neurological conditions with a special focus on epilepsy. Its mission is to permit people by providing personalized clinical understanding by using modern technology. Their technology comprises wearable devices, a machine learning system, and a cloud platform. These systems are at the center of their at-home video EEG monitoring and diagnostic service. Seer has had a great influence across the east coast of Australia for the previous 2 years.

The Seer Cloud is a distinct tool for data-driven healthcare and machine learning, providing predictions, and personalized insights. Also, give notifications and alerts to patients in real-time. It is believed that the Seer Cloud has the capacity to enhance outcomes and provide advanced healthcare for everyone.

Patients that benefit from Seer Medical’s diagnostic monitoring are the following: 

  • Events with unresponsive episodes, impaired awareness, or loss of consciousness.
  • Unjustifiable convulsive activity
  • Possible seizures that occur during sleep

Also, those with known epilepsy need characterization of the assessment of response or the nature of events. To treat where inapparent seizures are suspected. Seer Medical was created out of the spirit of continuous improvement and applied clinical research that informs everything that the company does. With in-house engineering.industrial design, mobile application, web development, manufacturing, and clinical capacities. Seer is known to be pioneered in seizure forecasting, wearables, and patient informatics to reduce the anxiety of epilepsy patients.

Significant breakthroughs in the involvement of Seers in the global epilepsy

  • Seizure forecasting
  • The unforeseen nature of seizures is one of the massive sources of stress for people living with epilepsy. They proved that seizures can be foretold and their research is being interpreted into a consumer app that provides people more control over their lives.
  • Determining seizure risk factors
  • Physiological and environmental data including weather, sleep, and temporal features offer vital predictive details about forthcoming seizures.
  • Heart rate cycles and seizure likelihood
  • Their latest research introduces heart rate tracking through a wearable device. As a modern way for people to ascertain their seizure risk on the Seer app.

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