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Sciatica: two solutions to relieve pain


Jan 16, 2021
Sciatica two solutions to relieve pain


When the sciatic nerve is accidentally compressed, it hurts. Very bad. But if treated properly, the symptoms of sciatica can pass within a few days.

Analgesics and lumbar belt to relieve

What’s this ? Treatment with analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) aims to make the sciatica attack as short and painless as possible. Wearing a lumbar belt or a resin corset for a few weeks supports the tablets.

Why does it work? In the event of inflammation or compression of the sciatic nerve between the intervertebral discs, the sharp pain extending from the top of the buttock to the foot is favored by standing but rarely relieved by rest. The painkillers that relieve pain and anti-inflammatory drugs, which reduce inflammation, are then the best way to bring wellness.

How’s it going ? Treatment with paracetamol and NSAIDs (ibuprofen type) is prescribed for a few days, then reassessed (stronger medication, infiltrations) depending on the results. It is accompanied by a work stoppage of one or two days. Lumbar belt and corset are reserved for severe pain and allow you to comfortably continue your daily activities.

Physiotherapy to prevent recurrence

What’s this ? Physiotherapy with massages, ultrasounds, application of heat … helps to relax the sore area. But the other role of the physiotherapist is to make the patient work, to stimulate his muscles and to give him the keys to avoid new inflammation.

Why does it work? Massages, ultrasounds… have a soothing and relaxing effect on the pain that persists after the treatment and on the muscle contractures generated by the inflammation. The gym allows you to learn how to move on a daily basis (getting in / out of bed, the car, bending down, etc.) without reviving inflammation, mastering gentle stretching which relieves the spine and correcting posture.

How’s it going ? In ten sessions reimbursed by Social Security. Passive physiotherapy (the practitioner bump: massages …) first then active (the patient practices exercises).

Thanks to Luc Chenal, general practitioner.

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