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Note The Following Before Performing Body Jet Liposuction In Thailand


Nov 1, 2021
Body Jet Liposuction In Thailand


Thailand is known for performing the best plastic surgery in the world. People travel from every corner of the world to Thailand to get their physical imperfections fixed. In Thailand, plastic surgery is excluded from health insurance coverage because any form of surgery comes with health risks. Contrarily, only medically necessary surgeries like breast reconstruction surgery for mastectomy are allowed. Body jet liposuction is carried out in various clinics in Bangkok, Thailand. This is an affordable liposuction procedure in total, but Thailand makes it worth every dime. Here is what you need to know before performing the surgery;

How much does it cost?

In Thailand, different hospitals charge different rates for this surgery. The surgery is paid in cash or credit cards (American Express, Visa, MasterCard). If you are a citizen of countries other than the USA and UK, there are certain entry requirements to Thailand for you to get a visa. You need to carry some extra cash aside from the procedures for accommodation and meals because you’ll be there for 10 days. In the surgery cost, flight tickets to Thailand are not included too.

Body jet liposuction procedure

It’s a form of liposuction whereby high pressured water system pushes water through breaking up deep fat inside the body. Membranes of the adipose (fat) cells are broken down by the water pressure and dissected from their surrounding tissue. The surrounding nerves, subcutaneous connective tissues, and blood vessels remain considerably less traumatized as the low mechanical force and a precise mechanism are applied. The recovery process after the treatment is relatively quick due to the local anesthetic that is applied to the water. Thighs, abdomen, beneath the chin, knees, hips, and arms are the most frequently treated areas even though almost any area of the body with excessive fats deposits may be treated. Patients can resume normal activity quickly after a few days. The fat cells removed by body jet don’t grow back, therefore, it is a permanent procedure. Anyone who would like to undergo this surgery has to be in good health and not more than 25 pounds overweight. Those with exercise-resistant fat deposits obtain the best results. Depending on how many body areas you are having done, the procedure takes one to three hours or more.

Advantages of body jet liposuction

  1. It improves cellulite appearance after the removal as it breaks the deep fat
  2. It aids in skin retraction
  3. Less swelling and bloating yield accurate results
  4. The surgery requires less time to perform
  5. Short recovery and minimal bruising as its a gentle fluid spray
  6. Low risk because local anesthesia is used

Body jet liposuction risks

It’s a personal decision for one to have plastic surgery. One has to decide whether the benefits will achieve their desired results and if the potential complications and risks are acceptable. Like any other liposuction procedure, the common post-operative discomfort of body jet liposuction includes burning, swelling, bleeding, bruising, and temporary numbness. Also, fluid drainage from the small incisions after treatment can cause infections that can lead to implications after the surgery. However, complications happen when the body experiences after treatment. Blood loss, infections, perforation wounds in other organs or tissues, dehydration, surface irregularities, and pulmonary edema are the common risks associated with body jet liposuction.


In Thailand, for secure comprehensive health insurance plans, it is a golden rule that insurers will not cover elective procedures. This is because these procedures are not deemed a medical emergency. It is imperative to research before you react impulsively if you opt for body jet liposuction. Review the past procedures, successes, and any uneventful procedures before you commit. This will give you a broader perspective to weigh your risks and options before undergoing the procedure.

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