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8 tips to lose weight quickly without realizing it


Dec 25, 2020
8 tips to lose weight quickly without realizing it


Lose weight easily and quickly? It’s possible. Change your outfit, get back to sport and adopt a balanced diet, you can lose weight quickly without realizing it. The proof in 8 tips. I change my diet to lose weight quickly

I’m taking an anti-snacking break Fruit is outside of meals. We take them colored or regressive, like bananas or kiwi cut into a shell egg.

Between two bites, well chewed, we make a pleasant phone call to our best friend. And I promise, fifteen minutes later, the image of the big chocolatey rock is gone.

I pamper my serotonin This good mood and satiety hormone is one of the keys to lasting weight loss. To pamper her:

Instead of taking a cigarette break, twice a day, we walk for fifteen minutes at a rapid pace, nose to the wind. Physical effort regulates the urge to snack while the body absorbs all the light it needs. As soon as we can, we treat ourselves to a large seafood platter. Finally, we recharge our anti-stress trace elements. Dosage: a three-week course of lithium ampoules, two in the morning, two in the evening, at each change of season. I snack on soy
Good news for those crazy about organic, studies have shown that soy protein helps you lose fat without losing muscle. So, to us, meal replacements made from soybeans , or mixed with soy milk.

Not to mention the snacks made with tofu or soy yogurt. We remember to breathe well between each bite to cut hunger. I buy plates
Treat yourself to pretty dessert plates. A tip like any other for reducing portions.

I cook light
I do exercises to lose weight
I take a coach

The weight that does not take off? And here we are, surfing a virtual coaching program . You just need to subscribe to feel like you are being encouraged.

With this exo “Superman”: body outstretched, arms forward, belly resting on your kneeling jules and head retracted, we hold the pose by making small circles of the arms. Impect for abs and arms. Not a sports fan? By getting off a metro station before your destination and taking the stairs, you can make your efforts profitable with these sports shoes with ergonomic soles (1 kilo each). The legs build muscle quickly and, if you slip them into these cellulite leggings, the transformation is quick. Motivating, right?

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