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Ideas for successful health


Oct 19, 2020
Ideas for successful health


Cultivate your hunger

When we are hungry, we eat. Logic. A good habit to take, according to Dr. Saldman is to let yourself be hungry. When you feel hungry, wait about 20 minutes. Your body will secrete Ghrelin . It is a hormone that will help your cells to clean themselves. By being hungry, you cleanse yourself

Fast from time to time

Much has been written on the effects of the young on health. Studies today tend to show that an occasional 14-hour fast has beneficial effects on health.

You will thus reduce your blood sugar, your cholesterol but also the risk of inflammation. In fact, when you fast, you strengthen your DNA and give your body time to regenerate.

30% less calories is 20% more life

Today, we eat too much. In ancient times, our ancestors had two meals a day. Nowadays, we have 3 or even 4 meals. For Dr Saldmann, this is often too much for our body

He advises us to try natural appetite cuts to moderate our appetite:

A glass of ice water before lunch cuts your appetite instantly Take bread that you have placed in the refrigerator for 1 week, the starch level will have increased, you will be less hungry. Beware of dust and cleaning products In our houses, the dust is there, very present. The concern is that this dust contains residues from the cleaning products that we have used. It carries with it particles of products contained in our carpets, in our furniture. Some of these substances can be toxic in high doses. We now know that certain compounds stimulate our fat cells.

One piece of advice: ventilate

You have to wash your hands regularly, everyone knows that. But what we forget a little too often are the nails. Our fingernails can be dirty. They contain faecal-type bacteria. And when you know that on average, you put your fingers to your mouth twice an hour, you better understand the importance of brushing your nails.

The genetic heritage

It is often believed that certain provisions of our body are genetic. This is not the case

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