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6 misconceptions about memory and concentration


Nov 10, 2020
6 misconceptions about memory and concentration


How to boost your memory and concentration? To disentangle the true from the false and apply the good methods, discover six received ideas on the subject. Improving your intellectual performance, managing your stress and being more productive will become child’s play!

It is better to avoid playing sports before exams

FALSE – Sport is healthy and even recommended during revision, examination or before an interview. By bringing oxygen to the brain, sport allows you to better manage your stress and thus, to be more efficient during your revisions. Physical activity also improves the quality of your sleep, whether it is done in the morning or before the end of the afternoon. For this, it is necessary to carry out at least 2 to 3 weekly sessions of sporting activity or to walk daily.

Sugar is considered a brain fuel

TRUE – The brain needs glucose to function properly . Indeed, its cells use sugar as a “fuel”. Thus, it is not advisable to follow a diet during an overhaul period or for maintenance. To bring the necessary dose of glucose to the brain, you must favor starches (pasta, whole grains, etc.) and slow sugars . Conversely, you should avoid consuming fast sugars (industrial cakes, syrups, etc.). In addition, they cause weight gain and spikes in blood sugar , that is to say when the blood sugar level jumps, which are also responsible for sudden bursts of fatigue..

Coffee and tea are good stimulants for memory and concentration

FALSE – Drinking tea , coffee , soda or energy drinks is not a good idea to review or prepare for an interview. Indeed, caffeine , even if it stimulates the brain, should be consumed up to 400 mg per day, not more. You should also avoid taking it late in the afternoon. In addition, an excess of caffeine would cause palpitations, nervousness, decrease your concentration and the quality of your sleep.

It is important to take vitamin complexes

FALSE – Rather than taking dietary supplements , you should eat a balanced diet , made up of fresh fruits and vegetables , known for their antioxidant powers. To improve your memory and intellectual performance , you should add to your diet:

Of omega-3 (canola oil, flaxseed oil, fatty fish, nuts, etc.) for their positive effects on neurosynaptique transmission,
Some foods rich in vitamin C (oranges, lemons, peppers, etc.)

Some foods rich in vitamin B group .

TRUE – Rather than spending sleepless nights reviewing or preparing for an interview, better sleep! The specialists are clear: memory is built during sleep . During nighttime rest, the brain takes time to replenish everything it has accumulated during the day. A short nap is even effective in improving your intellectual performance . Instead of listening to your recorded lessons while sleeping, prefer to replay them before going to bed.

Chocolate and fish strengthen memory

FALSE – At present, there is no serious scientific study that proves that certain foods, consumed in moderate amounts, boost memory. Chocolate contains potassium and magnesium, which are brain stimulants . The fish is rich in amino acids and phosphorus that are good for the memory. Yet, although all of these substances are essential for the body, they have not been proven to have a real impact on the brain

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