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The most common dental implant problems


Sep 16, 2020
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Implantation is surgery that makes the area around dental implants susceptible to pain or infection. To ensure complete healing of wounds, certain hygienic measures must be observed. Thus, you should never touch wounds or stitches. To clean them, it is rather recommended to use a mouthwash. When brushing natural teeth, avoid snagging wounds. Also, some side effects are not uncommon for 24 hours after surgery. These include swollen gums, bleeding, and pain.

Healing, following the placement of dental implants durham ncĀ  , takes several months since the titanium of the implant must merge with the bone to obtain a result equivalent to a natural tooth. This may turn your diet upside down, since during this healing it is best that the implant does not have to chew. So depending on where it is on your jawbone and how many teeth have been replaced, you may need to adjust your chewing or choose your food accordingly so you don’t chew with your new implants. This healing period after dental implantation surgery goes well in the vast majority of cases, but sometimes problems do arise.

An infection

An infection following implant placement is closely related to oral hygiene. The gums, weakened by surgery, are more susceptible to infections. Daily brushing and flossing are all the more important, although they can be complicated by the presence of sores. Not only can hygiene problems delay wound healing, but they can have repercussions that can lead to implantation failure.

Rejection of the implant by the body

Unlike infection, this cause of the problem is beyond the control of all stakeholders. It is not the result of poor hygiene and has nothing to do with the quality of the surgery either. The human body is programmed to expel substances that it considers foreign, the material constituting the implant (titanium) is not a material that is found naturally in the body. The body usually does not reject titanium and does not view it as a foreign substance. The implant can then merge with the bone like a real tooth root. But, there are exceptions. Some people reject titanium and the implant must then be removed. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict whether your body will accept or reject titanium.

Problems during surgery

Some problems may be related to the surgery such as damage to the nerves, insufficient primary stability of the implant, perforation of neighboring anatomical structures.

Incomplete healings

Cells in the tissue around the dental implant can necrose (die). The gingiva, in the same region, may recede by showing the metal abutment of the implant. There may be a failure of healing.

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