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How To Celebrate The Rose Day – Perfect Kickstart To Valentine Week


Feb 5, 2021
Perfect Kickstart To Valentine Week


The month of February is welcomed with open arms by the lovers around the world as it brings them a whole week to delve in love. There is no doubt that we are talking about Valentine. It starts from 7th of February and is celebrated till the 14th of February. The first day of valentine week is celebrated and observed as Rose Day. And it has helped many lovers around the world to take the first step towards achieving their love and winning the hearts of the people they like. .

Today, we have gathered some great celebration ideas for Rose Day, which are sure to provide a perfect kickstart to your Valentine’s week.

Have a read and decide what will work for you!.

1.A Combo Of Roses & Roses Arrangements

Presenting a rose is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about Rose day, and it is very specific. But, you can do a lot more than presenting a single rose. Pick roses of all different colours and different types of rose arrangements such as bouquets, roses in a box, rose arrangement in the shape of a heart and more. All and all, you need to fill your partner’s day with countless roses. You can present the combo at once, or you can choose to surprise your partner hour after hour with roses. You can also pick preserved roses from an online gifting portal. A preserved rose comes packed like a ring in a box which makes it a precious and perfect gift.

2. Spend Quality Time With Your Partner In A Rose Garden

Presenting roses is surely considered as the best thing to do on a rose day, but you can be a little creative and different with your surprise. In spite of buying the plucked roses, you can take your partner to visit a rose garden. Spend quality time with your partner between the soothing smell and gaze-worthy beauty of flowers. The aromatic vibes of the garden will help you strengthen your bond through the path of soulful romance. Make your plan to visit the best rose garden in the world or your country/state, as per your preference.

3. Delicious Cake Topped With Edible Roses

We are saying it for once, and all – NO CELEBRATION IS COMPLETE WITHOUT MARKING IT WITH A CAKE CUTTING CEREMONY. Whatever you do to celebrate the rose day, do make sure to have a cake cutting ceremony with your partner. And for the occasion, get a delicious cake topped with edible roses. There are so many designs to choose from, and roses can be made with whipped cream and sugar fondant. To keep the cake a surprise, choose for online cake delivery in Kochi or wherever you reside. Also, make sure to get the cake from the best bakery shop in your city.

4. Present Gifts Which Are Inspired By Roses

You can keep the real flower as your first priority to celebrate Rose day with your partner. But you can also choose so many different items to make the day memorable and to flabbergast your partner to the core. Rest your trust on many different gifts which are inspired by roses. You can pick greeting cards full of rose designs, a tiara made with real rose petals, fossilised rose jewellery, a gold ring in the shape of a rose, a packet of rose-flavoured candies, and rose perfume. All the gifts are those which we think will be best. You can choose whatever you want, and you can also explore other rose-inspired gift ideas on the internet.

Go Ahead! Plan the Rosey surprise now!

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