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Clinical Waste Disposal and Why Is It Important to Be Done Correctly


Nov 9, 2021
Clinical Waste Disposal


Today, everyone knows that immunization can save lives. However, importance should also be placed on the clinical waste that hospitals and medical units deal with on a daily basis. It has been estimated by the World Health Organization that there are about 16 billion injections that are administered across the globe every year. These figures are startling and show precisely the extent of waste that is generated every year. The problem of waste segregation and its safe storage is a grave subject on several levels covering the environment, health, and safety.

The importance of clinical waste disposal

Clinical waste disposal and its correct classification of the streams of waste has many salient advantages that include cost efficiencies, reducing the influence of dangerous waste on the environment because of stringent regulations, and safety and health.

The correct disposal techniques for clinical waste ensure the safety of patients and the staff. The visitors to these hospital units have to be protected from hazardous exposure to medicine, contaminated sharps, and equipment. Respondents from surveys and research have revealed that needles have injured them by sharps that patients have used at some point in their careers.

It is crucial to separate the waste so that people and the environment are protected. The following are the risks that are associated with the above-

1. Health risks- the clinical waste contains radioactive materials, infectious agents, and other hazardous chemicals that might infect health workers, patients, and the community in general if they are not disposed of properly.

Sharps related- There are about 16 million or even more infections that are caused by needles or syringes every year. Sadly, a large portion of the above is not disposed of correctly in the proper manner. This causes more injuries and chances of re-infection. Any person who accidentally is injured from a used needly on any person infected with HIV has about a 30% chance of getting infected.

Impact on the environment- If the medical waste is incorrectly disposed of, it negatively impacts the environment as hazardous toxins and pathogens are exposed to the air.

Understanding clinical waste

Clinical waste has been classified as waste that comes from nursing, medical, dental, or other similar environments that might pose harm to others via infection or injury. The examples here include needles, bandages, syringes, and dressings that have been contaminated with sharp instruments or blood.

Clinical waste needs to be disposed of correctly. The waste needs to be treated with correct procedures so that its dangerous properties can be reclassified. After the treatment, this waste no longer carries injuries or is infectious to the community.  Or will it be infectious or injurious to give rise to an offense for its reclassification to take place?

Credible companies use bins for clinical waste disposal and a sharps container for workplace washrooms that have been uniquely designed while keeping their simplicity of use and the privacy of the intended user too. The secure bins used for sharps ensure the disposal of sharp objects and other dangerous waste in accordance with the necessary regulations.

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