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CBD oil for anxiety


Apr 3, 2021
CBD oil for anxiety


Statistics reveal a significant percentage of the global population deal with some kind of anxiety disorder.  The rate is alarmingly rising, and it seems the number of anxiety patients is outnumbering those suffering from depression. The conventional treatment for anxiety can cause a wide array of side effects. In recent years, CBD (Cannabidiol) oil has shown great potential in curbing anxiety disorders. In this article, we will elaborate on the efficacy of CBD oil. We will also look, how it helps those suffering from anxiety-related disorders.

Anxiety symptoms

Our present lifestyle invites a host of unwanted problems. Anxiety and depression go hand in hand and gradually spread their fangs in such a way that you will not find a solution for overcoming the symptoms. Repeated panic attacks, isolation from society, losing interest in daily activities are all indicative symptoms of anxiety. The prescribed medications for anxiety come with a wide array of side effects. As a result, the medical fraternity is on a quest for finding more reliable and effective treatments, and thus the effectiveness of CBD oil was established. You can simultaneously refer to EIR Health for more information.

CBD oil- An overview

Interestingly, we get CBD oil by extracting the cannabis plant. A chemical known as Cannabinoids found in cannabis (more popular as marijuana) is the essential ingredient present in CBD oil. Now, as we all know, cannabis has a bad reputation for people becoming addicted. It is the presence of another chemical THC that makes people feel “high” after consuming marijuana. However, CBD is entirely different, and it negates the “feeling high” concept.

The functionality of CBD oil

So far, the effects of CBD oil on test subjects suggest it has the potential to overcome anxiety disorders. However, further studies are ongoing to establish the link between CBD oil and anxiety. Since information is very less if you decide to take CBD oil, consult your health-care provider first.

The limited findings so far state, CBD oil works precisely by triggering with CB1, a brain receptor. The interference of CBD oil along with the said brain receptor enhances the serotonin balance. For the unversed, when the levels of serotonin fall, anxiety sets in. As CBD oil ensures the brain gets more serotonin, it keeps anxiety and related problems at bay.

Therefore, CBD oil is being increasingly used for treating the various type of anxiety disorders. Some of the prominent ones include generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety disorder. Furthermore, it also helps in controlling the behavioral changes that generally accompany anxiety symptoms.

The best way of taking CBD oils

You can either use a dropper and take a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue or mix it with your daily food. Developers are coming out with more convenient ways of taking the product.  The gummies are one such example that seems to be the current favorite.

Advantages of CBD oil

CBD oil not only helps in overcoming anxiety symptoms, but it also has a host of other advantages. It can help alleviate pain, cancer-related symptoms, reduces acne, neurological disorders, and improves heart health. Recent studies state CBD oil may also have anti-tumor effects. Additionally, it can prevent diabetes, and help people who require substance abuse treatment.

Disadvantages of CBD oil

It isn’t convenient procuring CBD oil in the first place. For example, if medical marijuana is not legal in a certain state, you cannot obtain it. To date, the FDA has not approved the product for treating sensitive disorders like anxiety and depression. Some manufacturers use the non-approval of the FDA to their advantage.

Presently, there isn’t any specific regulation on the product variants, thus you might get an inferior product that will not help. Then it also runs the risk of containing THC, which we mentioned earlier, is responsible for making one feel high. Hence, identifying the best-quality CBD oil is quite a challenge.

Side effects of CBD oil

CBD oil is not free from side effects. After taking CBD oil, you might encounter any one or more symptoms of feeling dizzy, fatigue, insomnia, and dry mouth. A specific study also shows, taking excessive CBD oil can be detrimental to the liver. Lastly, it can also interact with other medications, and lead to undesirable consequences.

The verdict

Without a doubt, CBD oil is showing great promise for treating anxiety disorders. Never self-prescribe CBD oil, as it can do more harm than good if you are dealing with any other health problem. Discuss the reliability of CBD oil for you with a doctor and then use it.

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