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6 Ways to help support Heart Health


Jun 23, 2021
support Heart Health


Your heart is the motor that keeps you moving. This incredible small muscle spends every waking second pushing blood back and forth throughout your body. Just thinking about the workload your heart manages is enough to grow a deep appreciation for the human body and the miracle that is life.

In all of the crazy details of life, it’s easy to overlook just how important keeping your heart healthy is. Most people simply take for granted that their hearts will always work. It rarely comes across our mind as we go about from work and play.

Heart health naturally becomes more important as people age. Thoughts of mortality slowly creep in and we wonder if we’re doing all that we can to stay around for as long as possible. The great news is that there are ways that you can improve heart health and have a direct impact on the quality of your life as you get older.

Read on for six ways to improve heart health and get peace of mind knowing your ticker is good to go.

Stay on Top of Your Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure is too high, it taxes your cardiovascular system. Your heart has to work harder to move blood around, and it stresses the walls of your arteries, which can lead to serious health conditions.

It’s easier than ever to monitor your blood pressure. Most doctor’s visits include a blood pressure test, and you can buy devices that can measure your pressure at home. To keep your blood pressure low and improve your cardiovascular health, you can start doing things like:

Avoiding stress

Improving your diet and eliminating unhealthy foods

Limit your alcohol consumption

Lose weight if you are obese or overweight

These are just some things you can do to have a positive effect on high blood pressure. If you can’t get a lid on it, a doctor can prescribe medicines that will help.

Start Walking More

Moving is a fantastic way to get your heart healthier. If you’re out of shape, you don’t want to put too much stress on your heart too quickly. The strain can be too much and you could end up sending yourself to the hospital.

Walking is a much better option that slowly gets your heart accustomed to moving. It’s just the right amount of strain that will promote cardiac health without going too far. As you get stronger, you can start doing more strenuous exercise. To begin, shoot for a ten-minute walk once a day or several times a day. Start going further and for longer as long as you feel good while you’re doing it. You must listen to the signals that your body is sending to you while you exercise. Only keep going if you’re feeling alright.

Clean Up Your Diet

There are foods out there that are much more beneficial for your heart’s health than others. For example, eating avocados, salmon, dark chocolate, and even wine can promote a healthy heart. On the other hand, eating a lot of sugars can be bad for your heart. It will cause you to gain weight, which places an undue burden on your cardiovascular system.

Generally, foods that are high in antioxidants are great for your heart as well. These foods include things like berries, healthy seeds, and other foods available at your local health foods store.

Start Sleeping More

Unfortunately, there is a pervasive culture in the United States that says lack of sleep means you are working harder and better than the next guy. Studies show, however, that missing sleep is one of the worst things you can do. It impairs your ability to think, process complex thoughts, and it’s bad for your physical health, including your heart.

Ideally, you’re getting around eight hours of sleep every night. There will be times when you sleep less, but generally speaking, you should be letting your body get as much natural sleep it needs to recharge and repair. Deep sleep also causes your heart rate to lower and gives it a bit of a break while you’re in bed.

Explore Cardiovascular Benefits of research Peptides

 Sermorelin from peptidesciences.com is a peptide being researched for having several health benefits according to the research studies. In a 2016 study done on pigs, it was revealed that sermorelin given to pigs caused a reduction in the remodeling of cardiac conduction after a heart attack. In the research studies done on pigs, sermorelin was found to prompt adequate healing via the growth of blood vessels to damaged tissues and reduced inflammation in damaged areas.

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking now. Smoking damages your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and the evidence now has been too strong to refute or avoid for decades. Even exposure to secondhand smoke can cause cardiovascular harm. People who are around secondhand smoke frequently are much more prone to developing heart disease and other cardiac issues.

Keeping your heart healthy now can give you peace of mind while you’re still young and will pay dividends as you start getting into your later years. Small things that you do now will come up huge down the road. Don’t make the mistake of thinking heart health is something you can worry about later. A healthy heart will keep you around for longer and improve your quality of life overall.

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