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6 tips for better sleep


Nov 10, 2020
6 tips for better sleep


Sleep well ? Not easy when you have long days. To succeed in disconnecting in the evening, we adopt simple and natural gestures!
Between stress, children, work and the blue light from the screens on which we spend most of our days, it is not always easy to maintain good sleep habits. Fortunately, some simple and natural tips allow you to disconnect and refocus in order to fall asleep faster!

1. Relax herbal tea

Infuse 50? G of lime (flowers and bracts) in a liter of boiling water for ten minutes.

Drink the herbal tea during the day, preferably before 4 p.m.

This will help you relax and therefore fall asleep at night, and will prevent you from getting up at night to go to the bathroom!

2. Better sleep: the right environment

Air out your home before going to bed.

Avoid heating in the bedroom, to allow the body temperature to cool down, and immerse yourself in the dark to get your brain in shape.

3. Essential oils: the anti-stress remedy

On a handkerchief, place one or two drops of essence of tangerine, small grain bigarade or essential oil of marjoram or Roman chamomile, then inhale them slowly and deeply.

4. Light therapy

White light (over 2000 lux) helps regulate the internal clock and resynchronize circadian cycles.

In the morning, at breakfast, do a 20 to 30 minute light therapy session. After 10 days, you will notice effects on sleep (more info on lumino.fr )

5. The exercise that makes you zen

Lying down, eyes closed, hands on your stomach, inhale deeply while gradually inflating the stomach.

Block your breathing for a few seconds. Slowly exhale fully, then repeat five times.

Do the same exercise in the morning when you wake up. Video of the day:

6. What to do when it is difficult to fall asleep?

At dinner, for children, open and mix one capsule of escholtzia in yogurt. For adults, swallow two capsules with a cup of lime or verbena herbal tea. Then take two capsules before bedtime (more effective in 2 stages). This plant, also called California poppy, promotes falling asleep and even has an action on nightmares.

What if we are already taking sleeping pills?

Often, they are habit forming and cause early awakenings. To prevent them, consume passionflower. One dose at dinner, another at bedtime.

When we are subject to nocturnal awakenings?

Valerian is the major sleep plant. Consume it as a dry extract or powder, as it does not taste good.

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